Wednesday, 12 March 2008

365 / 205 - Still Obsessed with Tea

After making all those teacups, I have tea on the brain! My latest tea-obsessed crafty project? Lavender-filled "teabag" drawer scenters:
Just a quick prototype made in a rush while dinner was in the oven, but I'm still quite pleased with it. It looks how I wanted it to (always good) and the lavender shows through the white felt "bag" just enough to give a real teabag-look to it. It is rather crying out to have a lavender-coloured tag instead of that blue, though! My mother kindly dried lots of lavender from her garden for me this year, so there should be lots of nice smelling things being added to my shop over the coming months.

Last night I also finished a new mobile, but the light was already starting to go when I came to took photos so they'll have to wait. Rather annoying, as I'd hoped to be able to list it this evening. Oh well... Instead, here's a rather random picture of me and my sewing scissors:
For some unknown reason I found it very amusing yesterday that they matched my outfit so perfectly. Simple pleasures, eh?


Anonymous said...

Ohhh the lavender sachets are perfect! What a great idea for your etsy store! I am glad you are feeling better and back to your crafty self!

Michelle said...

I have seen a teal measuring tape that would go awesomely with your scissor/sweater ensemble. Great photo : )

edward and lilly said...

i've been reading your blog for the last few weeks and i gotta say, the lavender tea bag is just the greatest thing i have seen in a while. i love that your creations have the same theme running through them and i love the simplicity of your work. would you mind if i featured the lavendar tea bag on my blog?

letitiah said...

love that tea bag sachet!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks for the nice comments everyone! :)

Edward and Lilly - of course you can feature the tea bag on your blog. So nice of you! Everyone's always welcome to give my stuff a mention and to borrow my photos as long as I'm fully credited and the photos link back to there original location.