Saturday 27 January 2007

Yet more birds...

I continue to be addicted to the bird-making. Lots of ducks this week, as you can probably see! I have also started trying to sell some now, listing some on my Etsy site and hawking my wares round everyone I know... I sold my first one this week, the white dove from the second batch (now hanging in a neighbour's window, so nice seeing it there everytime I walk past!). I am hoping to get some commissions soon too. Have also determined to make some other creatures (being pestered by the boyfriend to do this) and bits & pieces, and I'm investigating selling some stuff via the women's institute market near me.

Sunday 21 January 2007

A Batch of Business Cards

I have been making myself some business cards over the past few evenings, these are just a few of them. Perfect for keeping me occupied while I sit zonked out in front of the evening's viewing (normally one in an endless series of West Wing episodes - we are hopeless addicts). Someone requested a bundle of these & hopefully they will generally come in useful.

Friday 19 January 2007

More birds!

I have had some camera rage, but generally my photographs are getting better - taking pics of everything I'm making is really helping me to get to grips with how my camera actually functions. These are the two birds I have made into brooches this week. I have been wearing them with pride, and if the penguin one sells on Etsy I am going to have to make another one to keep for myself it is just too darn cute.

Second Batch of Birds

This is my second batch of felt birds. I have been making these things like crazy and still have loads of different shapes to try out - I really want to decorate some of them, too. Sew sequins and beads and things onto them. The penguin was inspired by Creative Challenge #34 on Etsy - create something inspired by your pet or your dream pet. In a fantasy universe I would entirely have a pet penguin.

Wednesday 17 January 2007

My current obsession

At the moment I am completely obsessed with birds, particularly owls. I am making lots of small birds out of felt, trying out different shapes and patterns. The ones that work well I am going to make in different colours, maybe with decoration on them like some embroidery or some sequin or bead detailing, and sew ribbon to them so they can be used as ornaments / decoration. Some of the smaller ones I plan to make into brooches. I am also going to work out some way to make a hanger for them, so I can make them into mobiles & sell them in sets - I made a mobile for our next-door neighbour's daughter years ago out of a rainbow of coloured felt ducks & it was quite a success.

Work in Progress...

I really need to write some more zines or, more accurately, finish the ones I am half-way through writing. I am very easily distracted by new projects and often things get abandoned half-finished, like these issues of my zine This Season's Must Have which is about the lunacies of fashion journalism...

I completed 4 issues in a flurry of enthusiasm last year and have 3 unfinished ones and a stack more of useful clippings that I want to feature in future issues.

I am very much trying to complete old projects at the moment and to keep track of all the things I do and when I do them, hopefully this blog will help with that. There are just not enough hours in the day sometimes for all the things I want to do!


I've sold some zines as well, so it seemed a good idea to put some pics up here. Bugs and Fishes is my long-running zine filled with the bits and pieces that are in my brain and My Library Project is about my obsession with the graffiti people leave in university library books.

My first sold item

I make my own envelopes out of old magazines and great pictures in the newspaper, it's such a great way to make all my post exciting & fun for people to receive even if I am just sending them dull everyday things or a boring letter. I put some of my "magelopes" up on Etsy and these were the first things to sell.

My first Etsy sale!

I had my very first sale on Etsy yesterday. I am so pleased. And I got up this morning to find a second one! Very small items, not much profit in it but it might cover my listings costs for a little while anyway. It is rather thrilling to have sold something regardless of whether I actually make any money at it. Such excitement.

Tuesday 16 January 2007

My Etsy shop

My resolution for 2007 is to try and sell some of my stuff instead of just using it all as gifts for people I know - oh to be able to put off getting a proper job & to be able to be arty all the time instead! Thus I have set up at Etsy under the username lupin :

Etsy is awesome, it is very hard resisting buying lots of lovely things whenever I go online to do something to my own shop. There are so many people making so many gorgeous and amazing items, so much talent! I think I will be doing a lot of my birthday & Christmas shopping from there and treating myself to a lot of items when my own birthday rolls around.

I have been reading the Forums for tips & things, everyone seems so friendly and supportive - a nice community atmosphere to it all. Hurrah.

I have not had a blog before...

It may take me some time to work out what I am doing! I am unlikely to witter about what I had for lunch / my love-life / etc on this blog, instead I intend to keep a journal of all my arts & crafts & zine-making. I'm hoping this will encourage me to make more stuff...