Monday 30 August 2021

Spider Web: Halloween Embroidery Pattern

Autumn is just around the corner so, of course, I'm thinking about Halloween craft projects!

The first slightly spooky project I want to share with you guys this season is a pattern for stitching a spiderweb:

An embroidered spider web would be a great addition to your Halloween decor, or your year-round look if you like a gothic, witchy vibe! 

Stitched on felt and framed in a hoop like this, the web would make a great display for an enamel pin collection with a Halloween / witchcraft / Harry Potter theme.

If you print it at 100% this pattern will fit nicely inside a 6 inch embroidery hoop when finished. For an added gothic touch, you could paint the hoop black!

I used a 7 inch hoop when stitching, sewing the whole pattern with backstitch and three strands of white embroidery thread (floss). I stitched my web on dark grey felt, using tissue paper as shown in this tutorial.

If you’re framing the finished piece in an embroidery hoop, you may wish to add an extra stitch to the ends of the 7 radiating lines to make the design easier to frame without any gaps around the edges.

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Tuesday 17 August 2021

Hello Again!

Hello friends! :)

It has been a very long time since I've blogged (seven months exactly!) but now I am (finally) back.

I had to press pause on blogging (and newsletter-writing, and other not-completely-essential parts of my creative business) early this year to focus on some unexpected family and health issues. 

Things are thankfully much calmer and steadier now, and I CANNOT WAIT to get back to sharing fun crafty stuff with you guys. For the sake of my work/life balance I'm not setting any kind of fixed schedule yet but I'm hoping to have lots of new things to share with you soon.

Meanwhile, here's a quick update:

I've closed my standalone shop and am now only selling via Instagram and Etsy (my old website address now redirects to my Etsy shop, there may be a few broken links but I hope you won't get too lost trying to find things). I might reopen my shop sometime in the future but this more streamlined setup is what's right for me right now. 

I've also made the tricky decision to press pause on posting internationally. You can still buy my printable PDF patterns via Etsy no matter where you are in the world, but I'm afraid I'm only shipping parcels of craft supplies and vintage goodness within the UK for now because customs and tax stuff is just becoming too complicated for my little business. Apologies!

If you're based in the UK, though, please do check out my newly stuffed-to-the-gills Etsy shop. I've been busy sourcing loads of lovely craft supplies and gorgeous vintage bits and pieces, and am now gradually getting them all photographed and listed and on the internet where people can, you know, actually buy them, haha. 

Aaaand I think that's all I can mention for now without SPOILERS.  

I'm off to put the kettle on and get stuck in to some crafty schemes... see you soon! xxx