Tuesday, 18 March 2008

365 / 211 - Neat little rows

I have a horrible headache this evening and looking at the computer screen is making me go all squinty, so just a quick post for today. I (almost) finished my brooch batches last night - the acorns, the umbrellas and (almost) the tree stumps:
Lining them up like that is very satisfying. I'm off to listen to the radio now (with my eyes shut) ... hopefully I won't forget overnight all the things I had wanted to blog about today!


Darby Bayly said...

What is is about lining things up!?!? I'm a printmaker and I looooove to look at a table full of fresh prints all lined up in rows. I want to take pictures every time. Pictures of prints! How silly.

Your work is beautiful. The pieces just beg to be cuddled. I particularly like the mobiles and the squirrels!