Wednesday, 26 March 2008

365 / 219 - Wips, Beards and a New Challenge

I'm still working on an assortment of odd projects, here are a few of them from yesterday:
I started a pair of felt glasses (soon to be a nerdy glasses disguise), embroidered some labels for my lavender tea bags, and did some work on my big abstract circles piece. I also finished beard disguises in every colour (brown, black, blond and ginger) though forgot to take proper photos before the light went today so the listing is a little sparse looking. Must remember to take some tomorrow...

In other news: I am starting an exciting new challenge next week!!

Excuse the double exclamation marks, but I really am rather excited about this one: through the whole month of April I will be doing a "design a day" challenge, making (at least) one completely new thing every day and blogging about it right here.

I have so many ideas I'm itching to try out, and designs half-sketched on scraps of paper stuck in drawers and folders... and next month I will be taking them out of my brain and turning them into an assortment of felty treats. Even if I just get a prototype made and rework it later, it will be so great to be making new things and seeing my ideas "in the felt", as it were. Here are just a few of the ideas floating round my brain at the moment - as doodled during my "proper job" last week:You can join in the fun, too! If you've got an idea for a brooch design, leave me a blog comment this week letting me know - if I use your idea I'll give you a discount code for use in my shop during April (so make sure there's a way for me to get in touch with you - I can't give you a code if you post anonymously!) ... oh, and if several people suggest the same thing it'll be the first person to suggest it who gets the discount :)

UPDATE: no more suggestions please as the challenge has now begun! :D


hippyofdoom said...

OOH how fun!

artist's palette (good way to use up odds and ends of felt, I imagine)
skull and cross bones
flags of the world

i'll stop now as i'm getting rubbisher by the second

Unknown said...

Some very random thoughts and sorry if I repeat anything you've made before:
Yorkshire terrier pup :D
Glass of wine
Bride and Groom
L Plates for Bride or Groom to be and other Bridal party badges e.g. best man and bridesmaids- could be fun for hen/stag nights
Peacock feather

That'll do for now!

n said...

You can't go wrong with bunnies and swooping swallows.

Unknown said...

I'd be interested to see your version of the maneki neko (Japanese beckoning cat) or a Daruma doll
- Cat with fish, bird or mouse
- Have you done hedgehogs already?
- Flowering Dogwood (pink or white :o)

I really enjoy looking at all your colorful felt creations! And thanks for starting the Crafting 365 group - I don't post regularly but I have been chugging along.
:o) Carolyn

Arty Allsorts said...

Great idea :) I can see you've got birds and animals on your doodle pad so what about tropical fish - clown fish (a la Finding Nemo), triggerfish (huge range of distinctive patterns on them), Oriental sweetlips (think fish in stripy pj's!!) hammerhead shark (distinctive shape), manta rays, sting rays - oh I could go on forever...LOL If you're feeling really adventurous, you could even try a scuba diver :)

Anonymous said...

pot bellied-pig!
Socks! ;-)

Rachel @ Snail-Bait Killer Embroidery said...

I would love to see:
-a snail
-a caterpillar
-an orchid
-sea creatures (octopus, seahorse, whales, sharks, jellyfish?)

I love your felt creations, they have inspired my mother and I do get interested in felt!

n said...


Anonymous said...

What about some dumpster trucks, police cars, fire engines, airplanes, helicopters etc?

djbebe said...

postage stamp

love all the circles!

Clothcat said...

How about a space rocket, tractor or a digger? (you can tell I have a little boy can't you).

Unknown said...

Oooo, such wonderful ideas, I second them all!

Let me add:

peace sign

Blue & White Wear said...

I love traveling - how about suitcases, airplanes, famous places around the world; ie. Eiffel Tower; or items that represent different cultures; ie. Russian stacking/nesting dolls.
Good luck on your challenge. I'll check back. :)

Nora said...

Hi, I love your stuff! It is so unique and cute!

Zoya said...

Here are few ideas that came into my head:
- koala bear
- panda
- monkey swinging on a branch
- bat
- hummingbird
- top hat
- clock (something funky Dali like)
- little green man
- maybe something slightly more abstract, like detail of the snake skin, close up of butterfly wing, stormy ocean waves, tiger's eye.

Looking forward to seeing what you'll create.

Unknown said...

weather symbols (cloud with sun, lightning, etc.)

It sounds like lots of fun :)

PatchworkPottery said...

I suggest a little tepot or teacup!!! Also sweets like a connamon bun, cookie or pie... bonbon....a little house...

I could go on & on... By the way, I love your sketches!

Anonymous said...

This occurred to me this morning ... a Lily Pond pincushion

spugmeistress said...

the fleur de lis reminded me of the brownie trefoil and then i thought it would be ace to have brownie style badges for grown ups for achievements in fun-ness :)

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great challange for yourself! I am excited to see what you come up with. Here are my ideas
Owls (alone/on a branch, etc)
stars (they are big this season)
art deco abstract(also big this season)
scarab beetle

Oh and I love the idea of a lily pad with a blossom and the peacock feather!
Good Luck

Cherry Runway said...

How about a cherry? ;)

I love the big doodle, that would be such cool wall art!! Okay, so other then a cherry...

* Any fruit, orange wedge or slice?
* Cute tomato? I really like produce.
* Trees are always fun.
* Computer?
* A VW bug!!
* A key (or keys)