Tuesday, 4 March 2008

365 / 197 - Felt, Glorious Felt

My crafting 365 pic for yesterday is of my delicious new felt stash:
So much felt! So many pretty new colours! So many things that will have to be chucked away or destashed in order to make room for it all! I am contemplating selling bundles of felt squares in my Etsy shop, as people are always asking where I get my colours from and it might help me reduce the giant pile that is taking over my house... hmm...

One of today's tasks is to make a colour chart for the new felt (so I can re-order with ease). I also have to tidy up the house a little because the craftiness is spreading rather messily out of the work-in-progress boxes and across several tables and chairs.

I had been putting off the tidying by selecting items for an Etsy treasury but then managed to somehow miss the treasury-creation window and now it's a day or two until the next ones are available. I was so pleased with my theme, too! I am going to try to snag a spot next time round, but for the moment here's a poster sketch of it to make me feel a bit better:


pungsnotded said...

Now, that's a pretty picture, looks like fun!

airstreamdiva said...

i LOVE the treasury!!! great texture, color, mood.
thanks for sharing!!

Tizzalicious said...

Now that's a nice stack of felt! And a great picture!

cutedesigns said...

Ooooo.......... look at all the nice felt!!!