Monday, 17 March 2008

365 / 210 - Still in progress

I'm still working on those brooch batches - acorns, umbrellas and tree stumps. I was thinking about how I'm gradually creating a little felt universe, and this somehow led to the taking of this picture:
That's going to be one fat squirrel... (I love how he looks like he's rubbing his little hands with glee at having such a big stash of acorns).

Meanwhile, over on Etsy: the lovely Heidi Burton, a fellow tea-obsessive and a creater of wonderful whimsical things is one of the entrants in an Etsy "design face-off". All the entries are pretty awesome, please do go and vote for your favourite! No prizes for guessing whose work I'll be voting for, haha.

Oh, and I went to the Post Office today and picked up a leaflet about their price increases (due at the start of April) and ouch! Some of them are really rather steep. I'm not looking forward to having to re-work all my shipping prices but I'm going to have to. Bah.


Heidi said...


Thanks for spreading the word!

I love your squirrelly nut-muncher, so cool!

Didn't know about postage prices... yikes! I take it this means a better postal service?!;)

Saysie said...

Lovely brooches!

Just seen you are on the front page of Etsy this morning! Well done! Got a screen shot for you, if you have missed it.