Friday, 21 March 2008

365 / 214 - Taking over the Lounge

I continue to be completely absorbed by abstract shapes and the pleasures of pure colour, and yesterday completed a green textile art piece:
So many different shades of green, yum yum. It still needs trimming and backing neatly, but the creative part is finished... I've also cut out the pieces for blue and pink/purple versions - you can just see them on the table in this photo:
This is what happens when I get absorbed in my work, you see... I neglect to tidy up and the felt starts to take over our living room! I'm trying to get all the pieces I've cut out neatly pinned (or even stitched) together so I can pack them all up and take them out one project at a time and be a bit more tidy... but I don't know that this will actually happen. Most likely, tidying these things away will just make room for some more mess. Oh well.

Today I have been blessed with another of my pictures showing up in Explore...
... and also with just enough sunshine to take a few pictures of the mobile I finished last week:
It's designed to be used as a mobile, but because the reverse is plain it's perfect for use as a wall-hanging. I may have to re-take the photos soon, as they're still a little dark, but for the moment they will suffice.


Mod and Mint said...

Loving all the shades of green!
And i sooo recognize the way your livingroom looks when your in the flow of working! Like a felt bomb has exploded ;)

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for the last few days! Love your work and all the colours!

My scraproom nook looks like a bomb has hit it and I love it!