Saturday 15 March 2008

365 / 208 - Colour Therapy

Ugh, the weather is so horrible at the moment... I have been cheering myself up by indulging in some colour therapy courtesy of my ribbon stash and making stripey brooches. Here's the first one finished:
(seven different ribbons on soft blue felt, stuffed with a teeny bit of polyfill to give it some shape)
I adore stripey things, and these brooches are proving a great way to use small leftover bits of ribbon. Tiny bits of colourful ribbon are like tiny bits of beautiful paper, just impossible to throw away so I end up with quite a stash of teeny scraps. I'm very much enjoying putting lots of my favourite colours together, and have a series of these little stripey brooches planned. I'll be careful not to repeat myself though, and keep each colourway strictly one of a kind.

I am also loving making up my bundles of 60 mini felt squares - all those colours together! so delicious. Colour therapy at its simplest and best. One of my very first felt-buying customers has been fantastically sweet and blogged about her purchase: check out the great felt rainbow photo she's taken. Nothing beats a nice bit of customer appreciation! I can't wait for the first photo of something made with the felt I've sold someone. To encourage such pics, anyone who buys felt from my little shop and then sends me a picture of something they made with it will get a free 9" x 9" square of felt with their second order. Hurrah!