Wednesday 21 January 2009

Retro Goodness

Another day, more admin that needs doing (where does all this paperwork come from??) , so just time for another quick snapshot:
That little beauty is the heater in our bathroom. I couldn't resist taking its picture when I was photographing all the pictures in our bathroom the other day, it is rather lovely, very retro, and slightly scary.


nicedaydesigns said...

I used to have one of those in a house I lived in as a student(same clour walls too), there was no heating except for that one in the bathroom, how useful! I did love the retro value kitschness of it though.

Fabric Nation said...

They are scary! We had one in the bathroom when I was a child and I was terrified of it, it always looked so firey and hot! Also had a funny looking parrafin heater in the corner that growled and hissed.