Saturday 10 January 2009

A Credit Crunch Sampler - your votes needed!

Sorry for the lack of posting the past couple of days, I've had a friend visiting and have tried to be a good host and neglect my blog etc instead of him! :)

I've got something rather fun to show off today - my entry for Folksy's Make the News competition, to make something inspired by a recent news story.

One of the most written-about stories of 2008 has been the economic crisis - known as "The Credit Crunch" here in the UK. To, er, "celebrate" the credit crunch I made my own modern twist on old fashioned embroidery samplers made to commemorate a year or special event:
As a crafter, I've been really interested in how an almost wartime-like "make do and mend" attitude has been cropping up in connection with the credit crunch. Now the mass-consumption bubble has burst people are rediscovering the specialness of handmade things, and "old fashioned" hobbies like sewing are experiencing a revival:
I couldn't get the idea of credit crunch themed embroidery out of my head, and made this in a bit of a sewing frenzy one night this week. It's freehand embroidery on white felt - the technical term for my embroidery style is "naive" (haha) but I do try! - framed in an embroidery hoop.

If you like it, please do vote for me by leaving a comment HERE before midnight (GMT) on Sunday 11th Jan! Thankyou muchly xxx

EDIT: voting has now closed


Anonymous said...

what a freat idea!
and i like the realization!

Rhiannon said...

I saw it on CRAFT website first, but i still think its v cool

Bagladee said...

Cool, off to vote :)

Mod and Mint said...

Luv it! I have put in a vote for you!

Brook said...

Hey I saw this on CRAFT blog. Cool!