Friday 16 January 2009

Lovely Colour

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments about my new website everyone! Your support is much appreciated - special thanks to the kind people who have actually bought things!

If you do make a purchase please note that the postage rates are currently set a little high - I will be doing my best to make them more accurate over the next few days but in the meantime anyone who is overcharged shipping will get a refund once their order has shipped.

The cute heart and leaf pins have already sold out, but they will (fingers crossed) be back in stock next week. When they arrive I'll be sure to mention it here on the blog :)

Later today I will be adding the following bits and pieces to the supplies section...

UPDATE: they are now all in the shop!

Ric Rac in bright tropical colours:Classic gingham ribbon bundles:
And a rather delicious assortment of embroidery thread, in 36 different colours:A set of those has gone straight into my stash and I can't wait to use them - I'm feeling so inspired by embroidery at the moment and am in love with so many of those colours. Don't be surprised if you see lots of new things with embroidered details on the blog in the next few months!


Rhiannon said...

Congratulations on getting the shop set up, it looks like its going to be wonderful!
also, I know its a bit late but I'm a bit behind with the commenting this week, so I wanted to say how much i loved the pictures in your kitchen! Bizarrely i'd been trying to explain to my boyfriend only the night before that I wanted to do something similar, so it was cool to have an example to show him!

Good luck with the shop, i know it'll work out brilliantly

Marga said...

Dear Laura,
Congratulations for your shop! I couldn't resist and already bought felt in every possible color and the leaf pins!!! I am very excited!
You are such an inspiration! Since I follow your blog, I dedicate 1 h/day to my craft needs... I go slow but I do enjoy very much experimenting with felt and, what is most impostant, I am very pleased when I finish any project!
Congratulations once again and... Go on girl!!!

Tumus said...

Embroidery thread is SO much nicer to work with than ordinary sewing thread ^_^ And the color rainbow is SO endless!

Just about any old school embroidery books from my local Goodwill aka Charity shop have help me to learn anything I'd ever want.

I might buy some ric rac and ribbon if you haven't already posted my felt ^_^ Many thanks again!


Bugs and Fishes said...

Tumus - your order is going in the post tomorrow :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Marga - thanks so much for your order! I'm so glad you're enjoying daily crafting :)

Anonymous said...

Happened upon your blog after following your oak leaf — which is on the etsy fp (congrats :)... Everything looks great — your shop, new website, blog, and especially the stuffs you make. Lovely lovely! I shall be back :)

ClĂ  [aka Ape Zoppa] said...

Your new website is really really nice! Congratulation! But i love your blog etsy shop too! Everythings you make is lovely! Congrats again!

Shari from Big Yellow Farmhouse said...

Just gazing at these beautiful colors you've put together makes my heart happy! I've just recently found your blog and am determined to read it front to back. You are so creative and such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing it all!!