Thursday 22 January 2009

Pins Pins Pins

The super-cute heart and leaf pins are back in stock over in the shop today, and they've been joined by sweet flower pins which are making me long for springtime...Frankly, spring cannot come soon enough as far as I'm concerned. The very first shoots of my spring bulbs are starting to show and I'm getting very impatient for some nice cheerful spring colour and for a few warmer days so I can get outside and give my little neglected "garden" a bit of attention.

For the moment though, I must be content with staying indoors where it's nice and cosy and tending to my colourful supplies! Not quite the same thing but it will have to do :)


Bizz said...

Happily found your blog :)

The pins are so sweet!

I saw the bathroom heater and it took me back in a flash! I almost felt the warm glow on my face I remember so well *sigh*

~Buffy x x

Brook said...

SO cute!!

Mary Kelly said...

oh those are so pretty!

almost too pretty to use.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Fab pins! I wish I could be at home in my cosy craft room today, instead of at work where it's cold. :(

Wona said...

what are these pins used for???

Bugs and Fishes said...

Wona - they're just large pins, you can use them for your normal sewing but they're especially popular with quilters as they make it really easy to pin through thick layers :)