Sunday 4 January 2009

Christmas Goodies

Some of the lovely things I got for Christmas this year...

An awesome and much-desired print by Hazel Nicholls from my sister - already framed and hung up in my kitchen but it's much too dark to take in situ shots today so here it is on my windowsill instead:
"The Crafter's Companion", ed. by Anna Torborg, from one of the women at work - I read half of this on Christmas day, it's so great! Very inspiring contributions from an assortment of creative bloggers whose sites I will be investigating properly in the coming months... So many of their comments about the pleasures of sharing your creativity via the online crafting community rang bells with me, and there are some cute patterns in the back too:
An amazing wonderful fantastic tile by the legendary Rob Ryan from my parents. I have wanted this for ages and I'm so pleased to finally have one... I love all his work, but this one feels very appropriate for display in my crafting space:Plus a Christmas card from my boyfriend which is so gorgeous is just had to be framed immediately - "Robins" by Alice Stevenson, also available as a digital print:


poppy said...

you have such thoughtful friends and family, I especially love that christmas card, very pretty

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Such lovely presents. I have The Crafter's Companion' and like to read it eventhough I've ready it serveral times already.

Enjoy your presents.


Julie said...

That book sounds great! i'm going to have to get my own copy.

HeatherBl├╝ said...

adorable prints, so warm and fuzzy!