Monday 24 September 2007

Crafting 365 / 40 & 41 - winged works in progress

On Saturday night I attended to my work-in-progress box. It is somewhat overflowing, and I really ought to try to tackle at least some of the contents instead of just making exciting new things... so I spread out the contents of the box (covering my table completely) and set about making myself useful. Whilst listening to some Agatha Christie on BBC7 (such addictive tosh, just marvellous) I sewed a lot of little eyes onto a lot of little birds:
These birdies were all cut out and had their wings stitched on aaaages ago and have been sitting neglected in my wip box along with several others (I had a bit of a bird-making frenzy a while back, you see). They will all become ornaments or mobiles of some kind eventually but for the moment it is enough that they can see :)

Then last night I got distracted again and started something new. Actually it's something rather old from my to do list - and something the boyf is always nagging me about. I made a moth brooch for a swap with Seaurchin earlier in the year and the boyf has been on at me to make more ever since. Other, sparklier things have taken precedent (so many sparkly distractions) but now I am finally turning my attention to the little furry winged creatures:
... that's the first 2 layers stitched on, there are 2 more yet to go (the detailing on the wings) and of course then they will actually need turning into pins (one destined for the lapel of my boyfriend's coat). They're sitting on an upturned placemat - I have so many wips spread about the place at the moment that I have quite run out of handy trays and box lids and am resorting to placemats instead!

In other news, I think I am becoming obsessed with grey and blue, clouds and rain, and also umbrellas, thanks to a combination of the weather and the cloud pin I made the other day... I got a treasury on Etsy for the first time in ages and guess what theme I have picked? You can see it here while it lasts...


elizabeth said...

oh these are soooo stinkin' cute!!!
great blog :)