Wednesday 26 September 2007

Crafting 365 / 43 - news from the moustache factory

My kitchen table is currently a moustache factory. It looks like this:
As you can see, I have finished the batch of moustache cards (they are currently getting a bit of a pressing under a big pile of hardbacks to make sure they flatten properly). Last night I also cut out LOTS of moustache-shaped pieces of felt in order to make LOTS of moustache disguises. I have a custom order for 10 of them, and shall be making another 10 just to restock. Lots of black, lots of brown. I had a very dull shopping expedition for supplies yesterday afternoon - black elastic, black felt, black thread. I did find some rather exciting navy blue felt though which I've not seen before. Ah, such exciting times.

Oh, and my giant mobile got blogged by the lovely Tamara of blockpartypress ... her son is currently covered in hives, poor boy, and so she featured lots of lumpy, bumpy, spotty Etsy things on her blog! Such a cute idea & chatting about inspiration she pointed out another fun thing she'd been inspired by - an interestingly shaped drop of milk. Awesome.


Heidi said...

Tag you're it!

Loving your tashes... still!