Thursday 27 September 2007

Crafting 365 / 44 - some knitting and some more moustache-related fun

It is starting to get very dark here in the evenings so sewing anything dark is right out. I managed to get two brown moustaches finished & labelled before the light went but the rest of the moustaches had to wait...

Instead I turned my attention to my bag of knitting and made a few more little hats. I'm rather slow at knitting them so I only managed three last night, but as I've been knitting one or two at the end of each evening the pile is gradually growing. Here are the 20 I've knitted so far, along with those 2 moustaches:
So far there have been no knitting disasters, though a few of the hats are a little irregular and one time I forgot to change the colour over so the stripes are Not Quite Right. I'm tucking them all away in a brown paper bag once I've knitted them, ready and waiting to get stitched together & pompommed at a later date. It is very satisfying making a new mark on the tally (I can never remember how many I've done otherwise) and I do love to make stripey things.

In other news, my cloud-themed treasury was on the Etsy front page last night, hurrah! I missed it as I was tucked up in bed but you can take a peek at it here - I'm really pleased that several of the people I featured sold stuff, excellent items one and all.

Also, the lovely Brooke has been taking some more self-portraits with her moustache... the second one is particularly excellent, I think (a moustache eye-patch! genius). She also has a teeny thumbnail of herself modelling the moustache included in her new banner over in her Etsy shop which made me smile rather a lot! Hurrah for moustaches! :)


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