Tuesday 25 September 2007

Crafting 365 / 42 - moustache cards in progress

Not much craftiness going on last night, unfortunately. Rather a bit of grumpiness instead. In the middle of my slightly grumpy evening though I checked my email and lo! The lovely Knithappens had sent me a message suggesting I add this gorgeous photo to my moustache listing:... naturally I gave it pride of place! I love that photo so much, it is just so sweet and funny. I am going to be changing all the photos round lots I think, they all make me smile so much :)

Logging into Etsy to reply, I was rather delighted to discover that I (well, some of my bird ornaments) was (were) on the front page! Hurrah! Cue happy dance and much less grumpiness! So I managed to get a few little felt moustaches embroidered ... here they are waiting to get glued onto their cards to become, yes you guess it, moustache cards: