Wednesday 12 September 2007

Crafting 365 / 28 & 29 - seemingly endless cards and some butterflies

No time to blog my crafting yesterday, bit of a dull but busy day and then I was totally worn out by the evening... since my last post I have managed to get a few cards labelled & wrapped into bundles, and I've snuck a little bit of sewing in too. Here are the cards halfway through - the pile at the front had been finished, wrapped up and photographed and then pile at the back is being tackled slowly when I have a spare moment & the right kind of light:

These are the butterflies I have been working on (the little bit of sewing)...
These have been seen before, as I cut out the pieces for them quite a few days ago. I don't know yet whether they will become ornaments or brooches. The one at the bottom will probably be an ornament because the other one I made has already sold & I would like to be able to list a pair of them. I will hopefully have some more interesting crafty news in a day or two as I have a custom order to work on - I will have to carve out a large portion of my time for sewing etc, I am very much looking forward to it!