Monday 10 September 2007

Crafting 365 / 27 - my house is now a card factory

Well, it feels that way anyhow! I have been doing an awful lot of "cutting and sticking" as we used to say in primary school. The guillotine (a swap from greygoat) is my friend!. Lots of notecards featuring my mother-in-law's artwork (she was very pleased with them when she came round for lunch yesterday) and various pictures taken by yours truly. Here are some of them:
I have to go buy envelopes this afternoon, and then I shall have the fun of sorting them all into sets (mostly they will be in sets of 4, I reckon). There are a fair few still to make, too, as last night the boyf found the long-lost CD of his mother's artwork (note to self: must tidy the spare room!) ... so we've got a few more designs to work with.


Swirlyarts said...

My house looks a bit like that with stuff everywhere but I am getting ready for a craft fair so that's my excuse :) Love those cards of your mobile