Sunday 9 September 2007

Crafting 365 / 26 - printing out lots of notecards...

We went out for dinner last night, so I was deprived of my usual time for curling up with my sewing so: time for some printing instead. I have been nagged a bit over on Flickr to make some notecards of the wip shots of my mobiles, and also had a few images I've been meaning to turn into cards for just aaaages so lots of printing to be done!

Bit of an incident with the flash printer though, as the ink cartridges needed changing and (clever old me) I put the wrong colours in :(
You'd think I'd be able to put the yellow cartridge in the yellow compartment and the blue cartridge in the blue compartment but it would seem that this is beyond me. I was so sure I'd double-checked it! Ah well. All the colours went mental with my first lot of printing and then when I switched them into the right places for some reason everything printed in pink, thus:
(very acid trippy, that image isn't it?) ... but it all sorted itself out in the end (thank goodness!).

Here's a small peek at some of what I have been printing out:

In particular I have printed LOTS of the cat pictures so that my mother-in-law can have some sets as a promotional tool (they're her paintings) and perhaps even to sell if she wants to try. She is coming round for lunch today, actually, so I'd better go tidy up and get the vegetables on...