Friday 7 September 2007

Crafting 365 / 24 - a finished mobile! woohoo!

This morning has again been one for photos - not as good light as yesterday but perfectly serviceable. I did have to drag my kitchen table all the way across the room to sit next to the window in order to take some of my pictures as my windowsill was insufficiently large. I currently cannot reach my oven, but it was worth it to be able to take photos of this which I finished last night:
Ah, it is so satisfying finishing those! They always look so different, and the colours are just YUM, I cannot stop taking pictures of them. Close-up shot:
I have also been taking pictures of some ornaments ready to list (lots of little birds) and two sets of map notecards that I made a few days ago but hadn't sorted into packs yet. Here they all are on the kitchen table:

Oh, and yesterday was a rather good supplies day as I popped into work to say hello on my way to the Post Office and my lovely boss had brought in another bag of assorted wool (her brother runs a charity shop and they find it hard to sell) to donate to my Big Knit hat project. Lots of lovely colours now, I shall be able to knit some very stylish little stripey numbers when I eventually get started on this! Tucking the new balls of wool away in my crafting cupboard, I was thinking how really I need a nice bag to put my knitting in... which I realised would be an excellent excuse to treat myself to this - so practical! so crafty! so awesome!
Is it bad to want to learn to crochet just to make it okay to buy that bag?