Monday 3 September 2007

Crafting 365 - day twenty - sewing as a form of tidying up

Sometimes it seems like my whole house is full of half-finished projects. I have boxes of the things as well as an elaborate system of trays and box-lids containing all the things I am "currently" working on. This evening I shall be trying to get lots of these half-finished things sewn together so I can pack away some of the trays (and the big pile of felt still sitting on our kitchen table from yesterday) and make the house feel a little tidier. I have a custom order of party rings and pants badges to finish as a priority tonight (bought the final missing supplies at the market today so I can finally get them made), and also lots of birds and butterflies and other felt pretties.

I shall likely be camped in front of some film or other. Here is what my "workstation" looks like at the minute: a sofa, a small table (inherited from my grandmother, actually) and a tray covered in felt! Biscuits now, other things later...

Oh, and my Crafting 365 group (set up yesterday) now has an awesome 142 members and lots of great photos already. I'm really excited that so many people have joined (lots of my lovely crafty Flickr contacts and many lovely Etsy people), I can't wait to see lots of peoples craft projects develop.