Saturday 15 September 2007

Crafting 365 / 32 - finishing one thing and starting another

Some small bits and pieces today.

First up, my crafting 365 pic...
... 20 finished pants badges (completed whilst listening to a Hercule Poirot adaptation on BBC7) and lots of cut-out pieces of felt. This is just a small amount of the felt I cut out yesterday. I now have two whole trays of the stuff sitting waiting to be sewn together. Photos soon, hopefully.

Secondly, the lovely grayeyedscorpio featured me on her blog. Hurrah!

Thirdly (and also finally), the awesome Justin & Elise of LazerBeanz sent me the results of their moustache modelling... just the most hilarious photos, I am dead chuffed with them. It was really hard choosing just 2 to put in my listing, but I have opted for these two for the moment (love that book in the last one! genius!)


Heidi said...

One must admit, these photographs are making those tashes very temptuous!