Thursday 12 April 2007

Pincushions! & another badge

In the spirit of Actually Finishing Things, I have been cracking on with sewing together a big pile of pincushions I prepared a couple of weeks ago. All the pieces are there and the tops have been appliqued ready to go, but have I sewn them together? Have I heck. This sort of laziness and disorganisation is a thing of the past now though (haha like this will last) and all the earlier prep means I've suddenly finished what feels like a million yummy pincushions (actually only 6 but still: yay!) ...They are all so chunky and satisfying to squeeze (filling something with polyester wadding should really not be such a pleasurable experience; I do worry about myself sometimes). Lots more colours to come & all kinds of designs for them are simmering away in my brain. I plan to let them cook for a while & see what comes out at the end of a bit of proper thinking - plenty of stuff to be making in the meantime, including lots of these:(I tend to think of this as the "I Heart Green Tea" badge!) These are great fun to make and I'm very much enjoying being able to make simple little felt badges (why do Americans call them buttons? When they call buttons buttons, too? Madness!) and am scheming an assortment of slogans and colours. The letters are great for making use of offcuts, too. This one goes so well with my tea-party theme ("I Heart Cake" is, naturally, already a work-in-progress) but it has been suggested that I go over to the dark side and make an "I Heart Coffee" to match. I rather tend to think that coffee is the devil (my tea-loyalty goes a little far sometimes, you see) so I shall have to think about that one! :)

P.S. the awesome Box vs Indie is now closed, which is a shame cos I will miss reading it (always super interesting, and I was so very chuffed to see my own little blog listed under "Inspiring Reads") but gosh Maile's new project looks so great. Tis called Breath by Breath: on learning to be happy and will no doubt be providing me with my first-cup-of-tea reading on many mornings to come!


Anonymous said...

Aw, shucks, Lupin... Thank you so much for the sweet words :)

And I love the I {heart} tea badge, especially since it's green, which is my favorite color.