Friday 13 April 2007

A Busy Day...

... but not much crafting done, unfortunately! Instead I have spent most of the day getting rather grubby (and making a huge mess in the kitchen) repotting a whole load of plants.

Last month I went nutso for seeds and cuttings and repotted basically every plant in the house and actually had to move furniture around so there was enough space to put all the pots. Since then of course lots of the seeds have grown into seedlings (this is more exciting than anything ever and makes me want a greenhouse so bad just so I could fill it with seed trays and grow thousands of exciting seedlings) and some of the cuttings have grown madly into new plants and others have died a quiet death... and they all need some serious attention!

I am about half-way through, I reckon, and I have already had to give some plants away to make room for all the newly potted seedlings. I need another bag of compost before I can continue though, and also to come up with a grand plan for where I am going to put everything and how I can manage all of this without the boyfriend going completely insane because of the mess and the resultant jungle.

I did take some pictures of the pots on my balcony today, and took the opportunity to take a few useful snaps of some works in progress. I am absolutely dying to post pics of the mobile I am working on as it's really coming together now and it's turned out just how I wanted it (and is also making me very inspired to a-make more mobiles in future and b-make loads of brooches I've thought up whilst designing the mobile pieces)... but it's a big secret too so no pics until it's delivered. Instead, here are some half-finished Battenburg brooches:
(Some are going to be 3D slices of cake and some 2D interpretations of it because they look quite cool flat like that, I reckon). Tomorrow hopefully I will get the mobile finished (or at least a good chunk of it) and a big pile of map notecards/envelopes started as someone has specially requested a batch. I am desperate to finish the Battenburg slices and also a whole load of slogan badges... and just so many more things, but without a Saturday of infinite length this is unlikely to occur :)