Thursday 19 April 2007

8 More Things

Well, I did get tagged twice... and I already accidentally wrote 12 things so here's 8 more:

13) I am completely addicted to America's Next Top Model. I have seen all the episodes of all the seasons and even Canada's Next Top Model and Australia's Next Top Model, too (the British one is hardly worth bothering with, just so dull!). My feminism (and my brain, for that matter) protests but I just can't resist it.

14) Despite my addiction to certain tv shows, I am planning on not renewing my TV License when it runs out in August. Just can't be bothered with it anymore.

15) Not having a television will be added to the list of ways in which I am increasingly becoming a hippy. I don't believe in cars or in flying EVER. I am a green freak, a local food nut, a crazed recycler, and a passionate advocate of thrift. I don't really buy things anymore - not unless I can possibly help it, anyway - except for the odd bit of charity shopping & Etsying, of course :)

16) I always stop and talk to "chuggers" - those students who work in packs trying to get you to sign up to charities. It once took me an hour and a half to make a 25 minute walk home down Bristol's Gloucester Road because I was stopped by so many of them & I stood chatting to each and every one. Everyone is so rude to them, I do my best to be nice instead.

17) I literally helped a little old lady over the road last week. Actually it was over the road and round the corner and up to the top of Debenhams and it ended up taking about 45 minutes cos she was so frail. I was a bit sad at having to leave her to have tea on her own (she invited me about 20 times) but I had already made myself 45 minutes late...

18) I am so sleepy and forgetful at the moment that at least once a day I put something on the hob (tins of soup etc) and immediately forget it is there. Thank goodness for non-stick saucepans is all I can really say about this. I am thinking of investing in an loud alarm-style cooking timer to help prevent actual fires :)

19) I have never called my parents by anything other than their first names.

and then....

20) If I was stuck on a desert island I would want 'Paradise Lost' by John Milton, and the complete works of Joseph Conrad. And a working satellite phone, obviously!


Anonymous said...

The TV thing! Yes! My husband and I were tv-less for two years (we're crazy hippies ourselves), and it was one of the greatest things we've done.

At some point, we found out we were getting free cable, and so the TV came back (and I must admit, I watch more of it than I'd like--mostly star trek reruns).

Hopefully (if we can sell our condo) we'll be moving soon, and the plan is to ditch the TV again then. I hope we do, I've got a gigantic reading list waiting!

Kezzaroo said...

lol great stuff lupin! i love your green-ness and recycling fanatiscism keep it up :D thrifty is nifty x

Bex said...

What a lovely person you are Lupin!

But the ANTM thing - that's me too. Completely addicted, completely against my principles - but I can't help it!!

I try to claim its research - but heh, who am I kidding?!!!