Monday 9 April 2007

Finally finishing lots of stuff...

I do keep starting things or planning to make them and then getting distracted by other equally exciting projects (or the more mundane things like needing to cook dinner) and end up with dozens of works-in-progress and a distinct lack of the satisfaction that comes from actually finishing things.

This week the boyfriend and I are going to be spring cleaning a lot and I am trying to be just as efficient with my sewing. Obviously I have still got about half a dozen things that I am "finishing" at the moment, but this is more focused than I have been for a while!

On Friday I finished (and indeed made from scratch) the army bear I custom-designed for my friend Emma. She seems pretty pleased with him & is currently trying to decide what to call him. This is how he turned out:I am quite proud of this little guy (my first attempt at something like this), especially as he looks how I wanted him to look instead of just turning out okay in the end like a lot of projects can do. Here he is next to the quick sketch I did to show Emma what I had in mind:

I have also finally been making use of some of the felt biscuits I started sewing a couple of weeks ago, using some of them to make cards like this one:
Oh, and I've also made some cute little heart pins - I am dead chuffed with how that little felt heart detail turned out but irritated because the sunlight was too harsh when I took photos of them & the pastel colours have photographed rather poorly & need retaking...
I have lots of cute little pins like this planned & in-progress, they are so much fun to make & it is proving a nice challenge to simplify the shapes I want to use into something small enough to fit on these little 1.5 inch pins.


Trebolazul said...

You made a very good work, congratulations!