Thursday 12 April 2007

Great Etsy Finds: Badges

I haven't done a Featured Seller, er, feature for a while so I thought instead I would go crazy and mention a whole load of great Etsy shops & lovely items I've discovered recently. I will try to restrain myself and only mention a couple at a time though, so as not to end up with the neverending blog post.

As I'm getting a bit obsessed with making the old felt badges at the moment, I thought I should give a shout out to some actual badge-makers whose stuff always makes me smile.

First up, Kate Sutton who makes sweet and charming things like these "look at nature" badges... and also this ace "tea badges" set.
I love Kate's cute illustrations and the fact that these badges are actually tea-coloured. There are so many great tea-themed things on Etsy, if I bought them all I would be so very impoverished but I'm hoping that my birthday money will at the very least help me aquire a set of these. Kate's website is really very much worth checking out - so many great projects and her sketchbook almost makes me want to weep it is so cute and beautiful.

I also have my beady birthday eye on these punk rock crafting badges from the sweetie pie press (from their "women's work" series)
... but there may be paypal-related issues preventing me from laying my hands on a set of these (I will do my best not to sulk).

P.S. great tea-related coolness over at CoolHunting today.


Sakura said...

Hey Lupin I have tagged you in my blog to reveal "10 things about you" (^O^)