Sunday 1 April 2007

Ninja Attack!

For this fortnight's UK Etsy Sellers design challenge the theme is Ninjas!
The entry deadline is 2pm today so lots of great Ninjas are being posted to the flickr group, and will hopefully be voted for in the Etsy forums later on. It is great seeing everyone's Ninjas, each one is so different & they are all just hilarious.
These are my Ninjas - they have cunningly disguised themselves as brooches but we are not fooled! There are Ninja Babies (ninjas-in-training), Ninja Kitties (cute but deadly!) and Ninja Bunnies (ready to kill you and steal your Easter chocolate) :
Inspired by the idea of Ninja accessories - items for the stylish Ninja about town! - I also made this rather goth Ninja Corsage (black felt layered on top of more black felt, with a black button centre). Perfect for Ninja Grad Balls or Proms :)


Anonymous said...

I especially love that kitty ninja! I found your site through the etsy blog thread.