Friday 27 April 2007

A Flickr group to call my own...

There has been much chitchat lately amongst the UK Etsy sellers about how great it would be to have some way of us all trading supplies, clearing out all our long-neglected unwanted stuff and receiving instead exciting new shiny things that're just perfect for our current projects.

So... I have started up a Flickr group for us, to serve just this purpose. It's very early days yet (you know, cos I just started it yesterday) but I am already getting over-excited at the thought of facilitating all this swapping, and at the idea of seeing pictures of items that were created using the swapped-for supplies, i.e. items that would not exist without the UK Etsy community all banding together in this fashion.

Setting up Flickr groups and uploading pics to my Flickr account and generally fiddling about with the internet and stuff on my computer has helped me avoid doing any actual work for the past couple of days, so other than the exciting news that my grand spring-cleaning efforts continue to, er, continue, I have very little to mention.

I voted today by postal vote - hurrah for democracy! boo for confusing forms! I am keeping my fingers very tightly crossed all this week as the boyfriend is standing for city council (I swear I will be more nervous than him on election day).

I was also delighted to discover that one of my ten facts inspired Maile to create this lovely exercise in attention.

Oh, and I finally took some photos of my 2nd and 3rd attempts at I heart TEA badges, pictured here with the original green version:
I will hopefully get a chance to sit down with a needle & thread at the weekend & have shiny new things to blog about. At the very least I plan to witter about the big abstract mobile I made this month - for a sneak peek you can check out my flickr page as I'm getting the pics of it uploaded there gradually during my tea-breaks.


Anonymous said...

Good for you starting a group! Cute tea badges. :)

Anonymous said...

That mobile-in-progress is awesome. At first glance it reminded of me of Green Eggs and Ham, though wonderfully more colorful, of course. I can't wait to see the finished product.

And thanks for the mention of my blog!