Sunday 22 April 2007

Spring Cleaning

We have been spring cleaning a little, spending my time moving books about the place (new shelves! hurrah!), cleaning stuff (man, our bathtub was getting sooo mucky) and trying to have a bit of a clear-out (cos we have too much stuff). So I've not managed to devote much time to quietly sitting down & making stuff.

I have started a new project of sorts. I emptied my wardrobe the other day, in order to put everything back with the summery things more accessible, and was totally horrified by the vast heap of clothes on my floor. I am forever clearing out bits & pieces to take to charity / give to my sisters & friends, and still! this vast heap!

So - bar a few things I know I wear almost every week - I've not hung anything back in my wardrobe but have instead stacked everything in a big pile on the wardrobe's floor and am only going to take things out & give them hanging space when I actually wear them. I'm doing the same with all my baubles. I am also toying with the idea of joining the wardrobe refashion challenge, or at least sticking to its principles... but for the moment it will be interesting to just do this, to see how much of my stuff I actually need & use and how much of it is just unneccesary.

Big heap of clothes (and this is not even including the ones stuck in my leaning-tower-of-Pisa ironing pile...) in the bottom of my wardrobe:
Deliciously empty hangers:
The few cherry-picked basics & over-worn faves that are my current "capsule" wardrobe: