Wednesday 29 May 2013

Crafty Flashbacks

I was looking through a few old blog posts and I thought it'd be fun to look back through my archives to see what I was making this time last year, and the year before that... all the way back to 2007!

I had creative block this time last year (not fun), but I was doing a bit of knitting for my sky blanket - and I had a lovely new bag to keep my in progress knitting in.

In 2011 I was making flower crowns, cutting up felt squares for some rainbow bundles, learning how to crochet and choosing the colours for my first crochet blanket (which was SO much fun to make!).

In 2010 I was enjoying some very sunny weather, planning a knitting picnic and making an abstract mobile.

In 2009 we seem to have been enjoying another May heatwave! I was doing some restful sewing on the sofa, making some thank you cards to send out with my orders, making a big old crafty mess, and planning ahead by starting work on some Christmas things.

In 2008 I was making lots of flowers - designing new ones ones and finishing up lots of flowers from my wip box - as well as sewing a cafetiere cosy as a gift and finishing a slightly bonkers felt necklace.

And then back in 2007 I was making a beaded brooch, sewing some abstract brooches, and working at my kitchen table sewing some felt mobiles.

I hope you've enjoyed this little bit of crafty time-travelling :)


Nilgün Komar said...

there all is veryy nice

By Neymes said...


Made in Suisse said...

what a great idea! I have only been going on for 2 years but I can bet that this time both years spring had arrived by now!!

bairozan said...

I agree - great idea. It's so tempting to take a trip back even for new bloggers like me :)

Amanda Pedro said...

thanks for the great idea. I took it and ran with it.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! I really enjoyed this bit of crafty time travelling :)