Friday 3 May 2013

Lots of Blue, White and Grey Squares

Remember a few months ago I blogged about the big pile of yarn I had leftover from making my sky blanket?

Well, after many relaxing hours of knitting most of that yarn has now become blanket squares - I've got about two and a half balls of yarn left to go and, so far, have knitted about 60 squares.

I have had so many nasty bugs this year that I've had an awful lot of afternoons and evenings where I've not been up to much except curling up on the sofa and watching some DVDs. Knitting these squares has been the perfect simple project to entertain my sleepy brain (I have to be either really ill or watching something really amazingly gripping to not feel the itch to make stuff while watching TV) ... and it's wonderful to have produced this big heap of squares during time that otherwise would have been "wasted".

It's funny though that I've almost finished knitting squares from the leftover yarn from my sky blanket before I've finished sewing together my sky blanket itself! It's just so much easier to just pick up a ball of yarn and knit a few rows than it is to get out my (by now quite large and heavy) sky blanket and all the squares and the chart showing me what goes where and to spread it all out and carefully sew on some squares in their correct order. Ah, excuses, excuses. I Must Try Harder and actually get it finished!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found your blog searching for simple felt sewing crafts for kids. I volunteer at my daughter's school once a week teaching them sewing and they're going crazy with the felt creations, mainly because of a book one of the parents brought in. I've been scouring bookshops and the library and the internet for similar ideas, with the combination of cute and ease of sewing. There were a few sweet ideas in a book called Falalala felt (sound familiar?), but I'm just trying to mimic that awesome book the parent gave us, a book called... Super cute felt!

My kids LOVE your ideas, and I'm now excited for your new book, and some ideas I found on here. Thank you!

Kay - the Never Knitting Crafter said...

I was wondering what had happened with your sky blanket... The idea intrigued me, and so I am looking forward to seeing the finished piece. This is meant to be a gentle nudge of encouragement...

Bugs and Fishes said...

Anon - wow, thanks so much for your comment! I am so thrilled to hear that you've been using my book for this. I hope you & the kids will continue to have fun with it & my tutorials :)

Kay - I am looking forward to it being finished, too! So far this year life is definitely getting in the way of some of my crafty plans but *fingers crossed* I should have some time to get it finished soon.