Friday 17 May 2013

Photos From This Week - Craft Supplies & Cats

Crikey, this week has been super busy! I have been ticking things off To Do lists like crazy, but I've mostly been working on secret stuff I can't show you guys yet though (boo). I can show you some of the yummy, colourful supplies I've been using though :)

Pretty glass beads (I especially love those turquoise blue ones, so lush) ...

... and lovely spring shades of thread. Pink and orange together? Yum!

Thanks to the bad weather we've been having, our cats have been spending lots of time snoozing indoors and keeping us company this week.

Our big cat likes sleeping on the sofa while I'm working in the lounge (how he manages to sleep upside down like that, I have no idea). He is sitting next to me on the sofa as I type this, actually! He likes having a whole seat of the sofa all to himself and gets very grumpy if he finds a person sitting in what he regards as "his" seat.

And our small cat is always very happy to find me sitting on the sofa with the laptop as it means she can yowl at me until I put the laptop down and let her sit on my lap instead :)

She doesn't always choose the most convenient times (pesky kitty!) but I think being able to rearrange my workday around "kitty cuddle breaks" has to be one of the great perks of being self-employed.


bairozan said...

There is something very homey about cats even though they are the wilder pet :) I'm so curious about this new project!

Craftcherry said...

Love all the pretty colors.
My male cat sleeps like that too. He always looks so comfy all stretched out.

Anonymous said...

I love your cats. I too have a big cat and a little cat. The big cat is the boy and he is a black cat like your little cat. The little one is female and is a tabby. Cats are great!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Bairozan - I wish I could share pics of the secret stuff I've been making lately but I promise I will blog about it as soon as I can! x

Cerise - Yes, cats always look so comfy and relaxed, don't they?

Anon - Cats are the best :)