Friday 29 May 2009

A Lazy Sunny Afternoon

It has been absolutely boiling hot here today - a very rare thing for the UK as I'm sure all my British readers would agree!

Our house stays lovely and cool during the morning and only really starts to warm up after about 2pm as the hot afternoon sun starts streaming through our windows. This does lead to strange wardrobe choices like sweaters indoors on hot days, but means I can get work and chores done perfectly happily in the mornings and then crash out in the heat of the afternoon.

This afternoon I've been making pretty little thankyou cards to send with my orders...
... and I'm just about to go have a nice cup of tea (it's never too hot for a cup of tea) and do some simple & relaxing sewing.


Rhiannon said...

Bizarrely, the lovely's mother insists that a cup of tea on a hot day cools her down... Never quite figured that one out myself!

Clare said...

Well I have just had a cup of tea and I'm wearing a cardie although I was almost melting earlier. I love London sun!

Unknown said...

So funny, but the bird tin in the picture is the EXACT same one we used to have at home, AND we kept our felt tip pens in it, which it looks like you do too! If I remmeber rightly the tin originally had something like chocolate fingers in it. Brought back so many memories seeing it up there in your photo! I will have to see if we still have it! xxx

Mod and Mint said...

I love finding thank you cards with orders! Yours are looking very pretty, would make my day!

It's hot in NY too. Having to travel everywhere by subway makes for clever dressing too. Blazing hot outdoors, super cold during subway rides (they tend to set the airco to 'freezing' temperatures here!).

Cat McLaughlin said...

the tin there with felt-tips in has such a cuuute designs on it! :)
Edinburgh has been v v hot also... x