Saturday, 23 May 2009

It's starting to feel like summer...

I managed to make it to the Post Office today, hurrah! Always a lovely feeling, getting things posted, and today's trip had the added bonus of an ice lolly on the way home ... yum yum.

It has been lovely and sunny here so like any true Brit I have immediately spent the whole day outside and have totally neglected my work. I'll get back to it soon, honest!

Psst: there's still time to enter my May giveaway - the comments close tonight at midnight (British Summer Time)

EDIT: comments are now closed! I'll announce the winner tomorrow...


Jo said...

Glad you've had a lovely day in the sun.
I've tagged you by the way - see my blog for details!

Kim said...

Of all the things I hate the most about the whole crafty biz, going to the Post Office is high on the list!

That said, I don't treat myself to anything afterwards...hmmmm, maybe that's where I've been going wrong! :D


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