Friday, 8 May 2009

Trial and Error

Lots of sewing last night! And this afternoon, too! Ah, what bliss.

I finished my forget-me-not brooches and found a couple of hairbands in my stash that matched perfectly:
I wasn't sure how it would look but having finished it I think it looks pretty cute. In a flurry of efficiency I've even managed to take lots of photos this morning and get the hairband listed in my Etsy shop.

Last night I also turned my attention to a butterfly-on-a-flower design I've had in mind for a couple of months after buying some lovely butterfly motifs. This was my first prototype:I then decided that the flower needing a bit more "something" and tried a layered look:
I love how the white really makes the red and aqua "pop" and picks up the white detail on the butterflies... but are they too busy? Umming and aahing about this I ended up making a version of the flowers without any butterflies at all!(I think this is the crafting equivalent of getting up in the morning and planning to wear a certain sweater and by the time you've put together an outfit to match it the sweater is back in the wardrobe and you've somehow ended up wearing something completely different)

I do quite like the butterfly-flowers but I'm still not sure about them. I think I may have stared at them for too long to be able to see them properly! I'm going to put them away for a couple of days and look at them with fresh eyes next week & see if I can make a decision then :)

In the meantime, look out for the red&white and aqua&white flowers in my Etsy shop over the weekend (as brooches and hairbands).


Jean said...

wow! you are an artist!!! i love it...

domestikated said...

Loving the layered flowers, and those forget-me-nots are SO pretty. I can't believe you cut them all by hand - that's some serious crafting commitment!

raspberry said...

I think they look great with the butterflies on :) And the forget me nots look great too, wish I'd been sewing all afternoon!

Tumus said...

I think the butterflies would look cool with a layered butterfly pattern underneath them in graduated sizes. You know to emphasize the shape of the butterfly itself?
I like the look of the flowers and think a butterfly version might be pretty spiffy.

Janina Modaal said...

Ow, the forget me nots hairbands are so beautiful!
I think I'll visit your etsy shop this weekend :o).

sharon b said...

absolutely love the forget me nots they are really very beautiful indeed wish I could sew!

jennyflower said...

I know you will resolve the butterflies yourself, but I was wondering about balck instead of white inter-layers? Just a thought! x

Behind ouou said...

I love the layered flowers! So fun! ...and since I missed a few days and see the butterfly brooches, I like the way both projects have come into their own. Beautiful new work :)


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