Tuesday 12 March 2013

Retail Therapy

As I mentioned yesterday, Royal Mail's postage prices are going up quite a bit in April (boo). Bad times for small businesses and designer/makers who sell online, but a great excuse to do a bit of shopping before the rates go up!

I've treated myself to one of these gorgeous lavender bunnies from Pouch...

... and an awesome tray from Hazel Nicholls.

If you've bought something from me lately your parcel may well have been sealed with some of Hazel's sticky tape (which I blogged about last year), her designs are so much fun. Hazel is actually having a spring sale at the moment - enter the code MARCHMADNESS Update: enter the code MMADNESS at checkout to get  35% off your order until 9am (UK time) on March 15th.


Silly Little Sheep said...

Postage is going up AGAIN in the UK?? Did this not happen a few months ago? I remember my man had to buy more stamps to write me letters. He is also self-employyed and has to order lots of things by mail and he was nt happy about it at all... Neither am I!!! :(

Elf Designs said...

The new Royal Mail prices are terrible! But you lovely buys are great. I love that tray. Popping off to check out that sticky tape :-) Em xx

Hazel Nicholls said...

Thanks so much for telling your readers about my sale. I've had to change the code to MMadness as I recently changed my shop currency and that seems to have made the original code defunct.
Sorry to read that you're no longer selling your beautiful supplies, but am sure you will have many an adventure ahead of you and things always seem to evolve naturally. Lots of luck for everything!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Silly Little Sheep - yup, they put the prices up lots last year and now they've done it again! So frustrating.

Elfcrafts - hope you found something you like!

Hazel - cheers :)