Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Quiet Week

I've been doing some sketches / working on some proposals for a few new projects this week, which is always exciting (fingers crossed some of them get accepted!) but alas I can't tell you guys about any of that yet.

So, what can I tell you about? Well, to be honest things have been pretty quiet here this week as I've been slowly catching up with emails etc from my time off sick... and I've also been trying to take things easy so I can get back to feeling 100% again after this ongoing bug.

It can be quite tricky to do this when you're self-employed, as there's always a big pile of stuff that needs doing and work to catch up on and projects you're itching to get started with... but sometimes you just have to press pause and do some restful things instead!

One of the upsides to still feeling a bit worn out though is that jobs you'd usually find really really boring don't seem too bad. I've been having a mega filing session - gradually working through my archive of blog photos and product pics, getting them all neatly labelled and filed.

It's very dull, but long overdue and the perfect job for me to be working on at the moment!

I also have an extra bit of incentive, as I need to have my photos better organised so I can use them to make lots of mosaics for the fun scrapbook / photobook I'm planning as a record of all my crafting.

I'm getting there slowly!

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