Tuesday 8 January 2008

365 / 142 - essay crisis

Yesterday I wrote an article about the Crafting 365 project, and nearly broke my brain in the process. It's due in draft form tomorrow and writing it felt like the worst kind of essay crisis, having to mention all my points and get them to link together, including quotations (from Crafting 365 members) but not letting it be swamped by them, all the skills I supposedly developed during my EngLit degree but have clearly lost already! I have to pick photos and add links and credits for them today (which feels rather like getting my references and bibliography right!) and proofread it properly but otherwise it is finished, hurrah!

Here is my scribbly pencil draft (staring at the computer was giving me a headache) and the tiny bit of sewing I got done afterwards, to wind down a little after deadline-induced stress...
Another one of my recent Etsy purchases arrived yesterday, some cute little buttons from Merchant of Kismet which I have hastily photographed in the bag (in the palm of my hand) as it was too breezy outside this morning to risk tipping them out!
Not sure yet exactly how to use these in my work but I couldn't resist them! They arrived in a very satisfyingly speedy fashion, too. If anyone ever spots teacup or teapot shaped buttons please let me know and I will love you forever :)