Thursday, 17 January 2008

365 / 151 - much craftiness, much mess

Okay so yesterday I did allow myself to become a little distracted from the crafty tasks in hand but still: lots of craftniess was achieved! Praise be!
After a comment on my Flickr about how neat and tidy I am, I was forced to admit that it's all lies and that most of my 365 photos of "my workbox" are staged for photographs. Not having my own workspace where I can spread out my felt etc and leave it lying around, I have to get out my evening's supplies and works in progress and then clear them away again in the evening so when I take my 365 photos you see what I have unpacked from the night before (if that makes sense). I thought today I would show off the debris that my crafting creates, and deliberately left the chaos out overnight:
If you click on the photo it should take you to a heavily annotated version, so you can see what all that stuff is ... but basically it's lots of felt, some admin, some pattern pieces, assorted wips, and there's a cup of tea and some chocolate in there somewhere too. The supplies will get packed away neatly (though where a lot of that felt is going to go I'm not sure yet, as my stash has more than doubled in the past week!), the wips will go back in their box, the admin will get put in my towering "to do/file" pile, etc etc and we'll be able to use our table again!
What did I actually make last night? Well, I cut out lots of pieces of felt for various designs that I need to restock, I finished the first of the little oak leaves and I made a couple of new things too - alphabet pins (to be a custom item, your choice of letter and colours) and a badger!
I'm really pleased with how the oak leaf turned out, and the letters are just how I wanted them but gosh the badger makes me smile. It took me rather an age to translate my initial badgery sketches into a finished brooch (hares are giving me similar trouble) but he's rather a cutie in my opinion:In exciting shop news: I've decided to offer a discount to customers who send me customer appreciation photos, ie pics of people wearing my brooches etc. If you buy something from my little shop (or have bought something in the past) and send me a photo of yourself enjoying your purchase, I will put it up on this here blog and you will get a 10% discount off your next order. Discounts will be issued as a refund via paypal after purchase (excluding shipping costs), and there's only one discount per customer - but you can of course send me as many pictures as you like! :)
PSST - if you've sent me pics before now you must give me a shout and give me permission to put them on my blog or you won't get your 10%
UPDATE: My felt badger design is now available as a sewing pattern! Visit my shop to see all my printable PDF patterns:


Anonymous said...

Love the badger! Can't wait to see your hare!

Anonymous said...

The badger is great and the alphabet badges look good too.

Clang Clang said...

Nooo. You don't get away with that! Even your mess is tidy - I am surrounded in a jumbletangle of fabric and wool, help! it is sucking me back iiiiiiiinnnnnnn......

Melanie said...

I couldnt help notice one thing we had in common that made me giggle. Your "admin accounts" stuff was filed just like mine , underneath everything hehe.

Charlie P said...

heh heh- the badger rocks!