Monday 7 January 2008

365 / 141 - moustaches and musing on rewards

My crafting 365 photo for today is a total cheat, as it wasn't taken today or even by me! It's one of the awesome shots taken by the LazerBeanz team for use in my moustache disguise listings:
How great is that?

My crafty efforts yesterday were totally moustache-based, but piles of moustache-shaped felt makes for a very dull photo especially when said photo is taken in the evening with a flash because I was busy all day (oh well).

Adding new listings for the disguises - now listed by colour instead of as one "pick your colour!" listing (because many people never did) - I have been rediscovering the delights of these model shots as well as those contributed by Gemmafactrix and Knithappens. I've also been really lucky this past month to have been sent lots of great photos of people enjoying the things they bought from me (search for "lupin" and "etsy" on Flickr and you'll find a couple), they are just so great to see. I think am going to introduce a sort of rewards scheme to encourage (and, er, reward) these sorts of photos but it needs a little more thought before I announce it anywhere. Thinking moustaches on!


Heidi said...

I have to admit trying on the moustache before sending it on as a Christmas present hehe! Love the way it is quite strong, so pushes the nose up a little, creating an even better look!
I'm still going to take photos of some of the items you sent me in the amazing goodie package, just been really busy (what day is it today?!... etc!) and there isn't nearly enough daylight... I am naughty for holding feedback hostage until the photos are done... tut tut! will get on it soon :)

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Ha! I love this picture too (even though I look less than stunning).