Sunday 6 January 2008

365 / 140 - not doing much, but still getting things done

Yesterday was one of those days on which - were it not for my Crafting 365 project - I would have done nothing crafty whatsoever. I did some housework, pottered about a bit not really doing anything interesting, and really wasn't "in the zone" for sewing. But Crafting 365 called so I looked round for something simple to do while listening to a Hercule Poirot mystery on BBC7 (rather a rubbish one as it turned out) and found I had some brooches that needed sewing together...So without planning to do much sewing, I managed to get 11 brooches finished (that final stage is sooo satisfying) and then I was finding the simple sewing so relaxing after my dull housework-y day that I cut out some light green oak leaves and started to stitch them to their brown backgrounds (eventually they will end up like this). Lots more oak leaves to come, I think. They are so enjoyable to make. After my sewing, I added a few new things in the shop last night, and restocked the lucky pants badges too as I found a stash of them that I'd quite forgotten about lurking in one of my boxes (note to self: organise box contents better!).

Oh, and I did a totally self-absorbed bit of google and technorati searching and found a couple of recent mentions of my work ... Jenygwen picked out one of my mobiles as a new Etsy find, and Rowdymouse created what must be my first piece of "fan art" copying one of my poppy pins. My recent Etsy shopping spree has been blogged, too, how funny is that? Charliemotel mentioned me buying her "tea makes everything better" notepaper, and the lovely ouou (whose cute cards were part of my spree) wrote the sweetest post about my shop, and how one of my items actually inspired the teacups in the cards I bought from her! Awesome :)