Wednesday 14 March 2007

Work in Progress and Assorted Boxes...

The past couple of days I have really wanted to sit down and do some sewing, but I am determined to press on and finish all the notecards and handmade envelopes I am working on at the moment. I am such a terrible one for starting things and then abandoning them half-finished in heaps around the house, or doing a small bit of something and then rushing off to try something new - this time I swear I will make all of these things and finish them properly and then tidy up properly afterwards! The mess is at least (currently) confined to these two heaps in our living room... Firstly, a huge heap of recycled map envelopes:Secondly, the notecards to match, finished (and cello wrapped) music notecards, and a big pile of sheet music waiting to become recycled envelopes... I have 74 of these still to make!
Along with the drive to finish things, comes the drive to be tidy. Here is my tin of birds etc (the boyfriend says this is what it looks like inside my head... so rude!):
And here is an exciting (but very badly photographed) sewing box I got second hand (and cheap cheap cheap) yesterday: