Monday 12 March 2007

Another general update

So... things, things, things. Etsy sales continue to be okay - thanks to the mother of a friend buying 7 items, I am up to 24 items sold & sent, and then if my current "sold" items actually get purchased (hmm) I will be up to 29 - woohoo. Personal private sales have been fairly marvellous this week, with two batches of cards selling to friends, my first flower brooch selling as a mother's day gift, and generally quite a lot of interest...

The UK Etsy sellers continue to go great guns, selling lots of stuff and going all out for Comic Relief. Lots of sellers made great themed items to sell for CR - my fave probably being these great circus-themed cards from Askey:A Treasury featuring the CR items then ended up on the front page, for a whole day - generating lots and lots of sales & thus lots of charity funds.
I failed to get around to making a red-themed item, but am taking part in the Comic Relief Pants Challenge where we are all (for no more complicated reason than we are all a bit mental) making Pants and paying 50p to enter our items and have them judged... Worryingly, I think I may have been inspired to make a whole range of pants-themed items!

I am making a big pile of my recycled music notecards as I have very nearly sold out of them. They are just waiting to have their backs decorated, and then they will all get packed neatly into cellophane wrappers along with a matching envelope & white address label.
I very much need to do some ironing soon, so I can iron all the pieces of maps I have cut out into envelope-making shapes... They're all a little bit creased at the moment, but a little bit of pressing between an old tea towel and they will be flat and crisp and ready for folding and glueing into envelopes (and, naturally, matching notecards and tags). My actual ironing pile is likely to stay sorely neglected for a while yet!