Friday 16 March 2007

UK Etsy Pants Challenge

Over on Etsy, some of us UK-based sellers have been making pants-themed items and paying 50p to Comic Relief to enter them into a competition for the best pants (ie knickers). It is just as mental as it sounds, but great fun - there have been tin pants, card pants, knitted pants, felt pants, paper pants, beaded pants, even clay pants! To check out everyone's great designs, try this flickr group or this forum thread

For my entry, I made a Lucky Pants ACEO (mini textile artwork measuring 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches). I am quite please with it, myself. It's just how I planned it in my head.I also got a bit carried away by the idea of us all being in a crazy club and doing challenges, and in an Enid Blyton / Brownies & Guides kinda way wanted to have badges so I made some of those, too:

The UK sellers have already raised a load of cash for Comic Relief by selling red themed items during the past couple of weeks - the RND treasury even getting on the front page and staying there for over 24 hours (they usually change much more frequently than that) - hopefully this weekend lots of us will be listing our challenge items and raising a bit more for CR. I get driven a bit mad by Red Nose Day on the telly, to be honest, but it supports such good causes...


Shelley said...

Very creative - love the ACEO or ATC... fabulous!