Sunday 18 March 2007

Felt Teatime Treats

I am working on a tea-party themed range of items. As I am tea-obsessed, crockery-obsessed AND baking-obsessed this seemed a perfect match! The bright spring colours I've been using to make little flower brooches have rather inspired me to make a start on some felt food...

Firstly, biscuits!
I need to buy some biscuit-coloured felt so I can finish these, but when they are done they will be little brooches (probably).

And then secondly... a Fondant Fancy!This is only my second pincushion, and my first attempt at making something look like a cake - I am rather pleased with it. It's a little larger than a real Fondant Fancy but not by much (I may have to buy a box of them for "research purposes"...). I am going to make a pink & white one, too. Probably not the brown as it would look a little plain on its own. Gosh I want to eat a whole box of Fondant Fancies now! If I make a lot of these pincushions and continue to have these urges, I am going to get terribly, terribly fat. It will be worth it, though.


Brandy said...

Very adorable little pin cushion!

Felicia said...

They adorable! Enjoy your "research". ;)

Pink Flamingo Swizzle Stick said...

The fondant fancy pin cushion is brilliant!

"Research" is very important. =)