Wednesday 14 March 2007

Featured Etsy Seller: Nonsuch

I am planning an Etsy birthday, to help curb my Etsy spending until I splurge all my cash there on the gorgeous things I find myself window-shopping for day after day (damn there are some nice things on the Etsy)...

I mentioned this in an Etsy chat room one evening, and said how Nonsuch's impossibly gorgeous Dahlia corsage was right on the top of my birthday wishlist... And the lovely lady sent it to me for free!

It is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Lovely soft chunky merino wool felt in the most delicious burnt orange colour. It's pretty huge, too, and makes the biggest most cheerful, most striking impact on any outfit. I have been using it to utterly transform my outfits from dull to smart and full of spring-like zing.

This corsage has literally been putting a spring in my step. It makes me smile whenever I look at it, and practically everyone I see oohs and aahs and generally gushes over it. I think I may have to carry N's card around in my pocket whenever I wear this, to ensure I can be a good unofficial sales rep for her!

The rest of her shop is also fairly delicious - lots of natural forms expressed in wool and felt. Personal faves of mine have included this awesome crochet scarf ... how cool is that?

I also love the knitted bangles she makes, especially the leafy ones:


Shelley said...

Wow - this is fabulous! You are so lucky!