Monday 12 March 2007

Into the Land of ACEOs...

Ah, how fun it is to try new things.
Browsing on Etsy it has been entirely fascinating to see hundreds and hundreds of mini artworks called ACEOs - all measuring 2.5x3.5 inches and every one different. I am working on some for another project (shhh it is currently very hush hush secret) so when I found myself thinking "what shall I do with these leftover pieces of felt?" making an ACEO out of them popped into my head as an ideal solution. I really can never throw anything away, even the tiniest things, so am delighted to have found a use for these otherwise-useless scraps of felt.I am hoping to do some more of these textile artworks (one in pink&orange tones is already in progress) and to make more pretty things out of all the odds & ends I have hoarded away over the years... I may even venture into paper ones, too.